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The ALR Pony Express 11 July 2020


What is the Pony Express?

Riders from across the state relay the Pony Express satchel from each corner of the state on a pre-determined route, collecting donations at designated Pony Express stations for the Legacy Scholarship Fund. This fun riding event encompasses two days and has been a great way to raise awareness for this worthy fund. Riders relay the PE satchel to the next designated station while the next group of riders take the satchel to the next station. This happens until all three PE satchels reach the main collection station. Stations and map will be advertised a few weeks prior to the event.

We encourage our American Legion family and friends to direct their Legacy donations to the closest ALR program for this fun collection effort before the Pony Express event takes place. Our riders will make sure that the funds make it into the National Legacy Fund effort.

What is the Legacy Fund?

The American Legion’s Legacy Scholarship provides college scholarship money to children of post 9/11 Veterans who died on active duty or have a combined VA disability rating of 50 percent or greater. Application deadline is April 15.